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Solar power technology has come a long way in recent years and it’s an increasingly popular option with both homeowners and commercial projects.

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Solar Panel Installation in New Zealand

Revolve Electrical is a leading provider of solar system solutions, offering some of the most efficient and sustainable solar options available. Our expertise in solar panel installation is trusted by Whangarei & residents throughout Northland, who rely on us for our commitment to quality and sustainability. The solar installations we conduct are tailored to meet the specific energy needs of each home or business, ensuring that our clients benefit from the best solar panel installation available.

In addition to our solar system services, we also integrate electrical and solar solutions, providing a comprehensive approach to energy needs that Whangarei and other Northland residents trust for their homes and businesses. The cost of installing solar panels is an investment in renewable energy, and we strive to make it accessible and affordable. Our solar power installation services are what residents use when they seek to reduce their environmental footprint while enjoying the benefits of clean, renewable energy. Revolve Electrical is dedicated to delivering the high-quality solar solutions that are trusted for their energy future.

At Revolve Electrical in Whangarei, we offer a comprehensive range of solar services, including expert installation, state-of-the-art solar power systems, regular maintenance, reliable repairs, and customised energy efficiency solutions, ensuring you harness the full potential of clean and sustainable energy.

More power, lower cost

Solar panels now generate about a third more power, at a lower cost, than they did just a few years ago. The focus now is on improving the efficiency and cost of battery solutions that enable power generated during the day to be stored for use at night.

The average household can easily cover 50% or more of their electricity needs with solar. Even without a battery, this can be increased to 75% or more by changing habits and using timers or ‘smart’ controls to turn on high consumption appliances during the day, when they’ll be powered by your solar panels.

By adding an appropriately sized battery you can cover 100% of your average daily electricity needs virtually all the time (there will always be times during periods of poor weather when you can’t generate or store enough energy to cover your daily requirement).

Solar power installed at your place will slash your power costs and – perhaps more importantly – drastically reduce your carbon footprint. Ready to embrace the future of sustainable energy in Whangarei? Contact us today to start your solar journey with Revolve Electrical!

Save the planet by using solar power

Using one of our preferred products as an example, a 6.1kW installation (about 16 380W panels) of REC Alpha panels generates more than 7,200kWh of clean energy each year.

This would cut your home’s CO2 emissions by 4.3 tons per year, which equates to 20,000km in the family car or 2530kg of coal burnt for power. You could achieve the same impact by planting and growing 84 trees over 10 years or recycling 1.8 tons of waste instead of putting it in landfill.  

As the reality of climate change bites and the drive towards clean energy becomes ever more urgent, there’s never been a better time to invest in solar for your home or business.

We use only the best

We only use products we trust and believe in. So much so we have 150 Enphase Solar Panels and Microinverters installed on the Revolve Group Offices.

Founded in 2006, Enphase transformed the solar industry with its revolutionary microinverter technology, which turns sunlight into a safe, reliable, resilient, and scalable source of energy to power our lives.

Enphase is mostly known for its microinverter technology, but they also sell several other solar-related products. These products include solar batteries, EV chargers, communication systems, solar power accessories and cables. When installers use Enphase micro-inverters, they’re working with some of the most advanced technology available.

Simply put, Enphase develops some of the best solar technology available for installers and consumers. They’re a reputable company with customer-focused values, high-quality products, and integrity. Many people use Enphase technology for their solar panel systems, with over 2 million homes served in 135 countries.

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What are the key benefits of switching to solar power?

Solar power reduces electricity bills, decreases carbon footprint, increases energy independence, and contributes to a sustainable future.

How does grid connection work, and what happens to excess energy produced?

Solar systems remain connected to the grid, allowing you to draw power when needed and feed excess energy back, earning credits or compensation.

What maintenance is required for solar panels, and how often?

Solar panels have minimal maintenance needs. Periodic cleaning and occasional inspections ensure optimal performance. Contact our team for more details.