Alarms and security

Break-ins, theft and vandalism cost business and home owners thousands of dollars a year, but it’s never been easier to protect your property. 

Modern security alarm systems are cost-effective and simple to operate. And while they’re highly effective at deterring unwanted visitors, they do much more.  Through an app on your mobile device, your alarm can tell you when the kids get home from school, close the garage door, and even warn you if a smoke alarm goes off.

We’re licensed security consultants

Revolve Electrical and owner Todd Eunson are security consultants licensed by the Private Security Personnel Licensing Authority, and are members of the New Zealand Security Association. We can design, supply and install an alarm system, with or without CCTV, to keep your home or business safe from intruders.

We can recommend providers to monitor your alarm system if required.

Solutions that keep you safe

Our experienced staff can recommend the best security solution to suit your business or lifestyle. We prefer to use Paradox alarm systems, which have quickly developed a reputation as one of the most reliable, innovative and versatile security brands on the market. 

We’ll connect your Paradox alarm system to your phone or other mobile device so you receive an alert if a door or window is left open or the alarm is triggered. If you want to see what’s going on, we can add CCTV or connect the alarm to your existing cameras. 

All the benefits you need

One of the great advantages of Paradox alarm systems is that you can easily add additional components without adding more wiring. Your Paradox alarm system may provide some or all of the following, depending on your needs:

  • Motion sensors to detect movement indoors and out
  • Alert you on your mobile device if someone breaks in 
  • Include market leading 2-way remote controls 
  • Incorporate smoke detectors
  • Enable arming/disarming via your mobile device 
  • Allow you to generate panic or duress alarms
  • Inform you when the kids get home from school
  • Recognise and ignore your pets
  • Provide options for Garage Door Control and Home Automation
  • Keypad with media slot to display photos when the tablet is not in use
  • Potentially reduce your insurance premiums

What will my alarm system cost?

The cost of installing an alarm system varies depending on the size of your property and the needs of your business. For a small-to-medium business, a security alarm system typically costs between $2,200 and $4,500. However, we can give you an exact quote after we consult with you and evaluate your site. 

Monitoring services are typically charged by the month. We can help you choose a suitable provider to monitor your alarm if required. 

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