Split systems

Heat pump options for heating a single space

Revolve Electrical offers expert installation and maintenance of split system heat pumps, a popular and efficient choice for climate control in homes and businesses. Known for their reliability and efficiency, these split system heat pumps are a preferred heating and cooling solution. We provide tailored split system heat pump solutions that meet the unique needs of each space, ensuring optimal comfort with a system that residents of Auckland, Whangarei & the rest of Northland trust for their energy efficiency and performance.

Split systems have a heat exchanger and compressor unit located outside and connected by copper piping to a unit indoors. The indoor unit may be mounted on or rebated into the wall, floor, or ceiling, and circulates air for cooling or heating in one room or open plan space.

Splitting the system means the outdoor unit handles all the work while the indoor unit works quietly and unobtrusively. We prefer Toshiba heat pumps because they use an exclusive DC inverter system that uses less energy while giving you more precise climate control.

Split systems are easier to install and cheaper to run than a ducted system, but there are benefits to both. You can also choose a multi-room split system to cover up to five rooms. What’s right for you will depend on your needs, and we can help you work out the best option for your place.

High wall mount

The high-wall split system heat pump is the most popular and economical option and is suitable for almost every home or office. The indoor unit is mounted on the wall, close to the ceiling, and distributes warm or cool air into one room or space.

Floor console

Heat pump units that sit on the floor are a good choice if you don’t have a suitable wall space for a high-wall unit. They are easy to access for cleaning and maintenance and can be recessed into the wall for a slimmer profile. This is a great option for replacing fixed gas heaters and night stove heaters.

Cassette unit

If you don’t have suitable space on walls or floor, or you want a more discreet solution, a ceiling mounted heat pump is perfect. The bulk of the unit is hidden in the ceiling, with only the vents showing. With four vents able to direct air in different directions, it can distribute warm or cool are evenly through the room.

Installing a ceiling cassette heat pump is more labour intensive than high wall and floor models, and maintenance can be a little trickier due to the height of the installation.

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