Automated Gates Installation

Electric gates for stylish security

Added value and peace of mind at home and work

Revolve Electrical is known for offering some of the best electric gates, enhancing home security with a range of residential security gates and automatic systems. Our electric gates are trusted by residents when they seek a blend of security and convenience. We specialise in installing automatic gate systems renowned for their user-friendliness and reliability, meeting the high expectations that homeowners have for their security solutions.

In local regions, our electric gate installations are tailored to meet the specific requirements of local residents, showcasing the quality and efficiency that is trusted. The remote opening gates we offer are an example of the modern technology loved by homeowners, providing them with effortless control over their property access. For reliable and advanced electric gate solutions, Revolve Electrical is the go-to provider that residents trust for their home security needs.

Automated gates are a smart and convenient way to keep unwanted visitors off your property. We supply and install a range of stylish gates that will enhance your home’s street appeal while protecting you and your loved ones and the things you value. Locked gates will keep you safe from both opportunistic and premeditated burglaries.

If you already have gates at your entrance, switching to electric gates will take the hassle out of opening and closing them, and ensure they’re always locked when you need them to be. You can open and close your new gate with the push of a button, or make it completely automatic with sensors on the gate and in your car. 

Security at work

Automated gates give your business premises an extra layer of security by preventing unauthorised entry by pedestrians and vehicles. 

We provide cost-effective installation of electric gate systems with a range of access options including remote, keycode, and swipe card or tag.

We only work with reputable, trusted manufacturers to install top quality traffic barriers and automation systems for virtually any application.

What we do

We can provide gates and installation, or installation only. We work with Urban Group to offer a wide range of gate styles, including the budget-friendly standard range, classic designs, solid panel, louvre, tongue and groove, and anything-goes laser cut designs.

A keypad and remote come as standard, and we can add extras such as intercom and cameras for added access control. 

We can fit automatic opening to new and most existing gates, and will provide:

  • Power and data cabling from building to gate 
  • Bollard and reader installation
  • Gate installation, servicing and repairs
  • Fast parts replacement if your gate system gets damaged
  • Loop detector to prevent injury and vehicle damage

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