Access Control Systems

At Revolve Electrical Solutions, we specialise in designing and installing advanced access control systems across Northland / Whangarei.

Access control is a useful security measure that ties in with your security system to control movement in your building and provide a record of who is where, and when. 

Revolve Electrical excels in providing access control systems that are among the best security solutions available. Our range of swipe card access control systems is designed to meet the unique security needs of various organisations, ensuring both safety and convenience. The business access control systems we provide are trusted by businesses when they seek efficient and reliable security management.

For access control security services, businesses turn to us as the provider they trust. These services, known for their seamless integration and reliability, are used by businesses when they need comprehensive security solutions. Whether it's for a small business or a large corporation, our access control systems are relied upon for safeguarding their premises.

With a simple system, authorised people may enter a code on a keypad or use a swipe card to open a door. Complex set-ups may include dozens of doors with specific users having access to certain doors. Entry may be further restricted to certain times or days. 

We can fit doors with card readers and electronic locks that release on exit or in the event of a fire alarm, with the option of also working with mechanical keyed locks.

Contractor access cards can be set up to work for a limited time (e.g., one or two days) or only during work hours. 

Whatever your needs, Revolve Electrical can design and install a world-class security solution that integrates with your building management systems. 

You’ll be able to:

  • See who is where in the building 
  • View reports of who has been in the building, and where and when
  • Set custom access levels for different users
  • Check when a user’s access expires
  • Integrate users’ arrival and departure times with payroll 

Many door access systems can also photograph users when they enter an area, and provide notifications and live video to your device if an alarm is triggered.

See who’s at the door

As part of your access control system, we can set up an intercom, with or without video, so you can communicate with someone elsewhere in the building or outside the entrance. 

The smartest intercom systems allow you to see your visitors, talk to them and open the doors. You can answer the door from anywhere using a mobile app on your phone or tablet, making this a useful security feature for home and business.

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