Site Security

Is theft bleeding your construction business dry?

Revolve Electrical offers some of the best security cameras, combining advanced technology with expert installation services. Our security camera systems are selected for their superior quality and reliability, providing peace of mind to homeowners and businesses alike. When it comes to security camera installation, our skilled technicians ensure each system is set up for optimal coverage and performance, making us the trusted choice for those seeking top-tier security solutions.

Thieves are getting smarter and faster. One of their favourite targets is building sites where expensive machinery, power tools and other items are stored, along with valuable building materials. Having things stolen not only costs money, it can cause costly delays in project delivery. Also, because thieves are getting smarter, normal security measures are no longer enough to keep them out.

Did you know?

  • Nearly one-fifth of all stolen equipment is from depots and yards
  • If thieves strike your site once, the chances of them striking again skyrocket
  • More than two-thirds of construction companies experience theft of equipment

Fill the security gaps without burning your budget

That’s why we developed Security Extra, an affordable, technology-based add-on that works alongside your current security to provide a round-the-clock set of eyes and ears, coupled with powerful deterrent measures to scare intruders off.

It’s not just theft you have to worry about…

Common threats to building sites include:

  • Theft of equipment, tools, fuel and building materials
  • Vandalism
  • Arson
  • Break-ins of existing buildings
  • Attacks on construction workers
  • Trespassers

Built around the world’s best surveillance hardware

Security Extra is built around HikVision technology, regarded as among the best surveillance hardware in the industry.

All installation and maintenance is included in your Security Extra package. And when the project’s finished, we take it all away, leaving the site ready for its new tenants.

Why pay an arm and a leg for extra physical security when technology can do the heavy lifting for you?

Your Security Extra package includes:

  • Three 4G cameras to provide wide coverage of your site
  • One camera is 360 degree controllable with pan and tilt features. After hours it goes into automatic patrol mode, constantly “sweeping” the site
  • Uninterrupted, around-the-clock surveillance
  • Cameras automatically take two photos every hour while also permanently video recording
  • A flashing camera function to let intruders know they’re being watched
  • A high-resolution camera that provides clear images to identify intruders
  • A strobe light to disorient intruders
  • A piercing siren
  • A loudspeaker function and mobile app that lets you see and talk with intruders remotely
  • An app that allows you to view the site from anywhere that has an internet connection
  • UPS battery backup in case of power failure (24 hours battery life)
  • A 12 hour response time in case of power or equipment failure

Security you can afford!

Security Extra pricing starts from just $400 a month.

To book in your Extra Security package, call us today on 0800 2 POWER. If you’d like to know more, contact us here.

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