CCTV Installation

Revolve Electrical, a leader in security solutions, offers an extensive range of CCTV camera systems, tailored to various needs. Our services, ranging from basic CCTV installation to complex configurations, cater to both residential and commercial clients. The CCTV NZ solutions we provide are what NZ residents trust for peace of mind and enhanced property safety. Whether it’s for home surveillance cameras NZ wide or commercial-grade security camera systems, our expertise and technology are unmatched.

In Auckland, our CCTV installation Auckland services are highly sought after, addressing the unique security challenges faced by residents and businesses. Our NVR camera system, for example, offers advanced recording capabilities, capturing every crucial moment in high definition – a feature NZ businesses and homeowners value. For home camera systems NZ wide, we offer a range of options from indoor security cameras to comprehensive home CCTV NZ setups, providing the robust protection and ease of use NZ residents trust for their homes.

Designing your own security camera system is a significant task, and we provide expert guidance and support to help tailor a system to your specific needs. Whether it’s a simple CCTV package or a more elaborate CCTV and access control combination, our team is skilled in CCTV camera system installation, ensuring efficient and correct setup. For those seeking 'CCTV camera installation near me' or 'home CCTV installation near me', Revolve Electrical is a reliable choice, known for precision and attention to detail, a service NZ residents trust.

Additionally, we offer security camera installation jobs, inviting professionals to join our industry-leading team. We stay ahead of the curve, continually updating our practices and products to include the best security camera system NZ has to offer. For homeowners and businesses alike, our basic CCTV installation and advanced options meet your security needs with the highest standards of quality and service, embodying the excellence NZ expects.

Are you in need of professional CCTV installation services in New Zealand? Look no further than Revolve Electrical Solutions. We specialise in top-quality CCTV installations, along with a wide range of other popular electrical services. Trust our experienced team to provide you with reliable and efficient CCTV solutions tailored to your specific needs. Contact us today to ensure the safety and security of your property.

Enhancing Security with CCTV Camera Systems

A CCTV camera/system is a security technology that enables continuous monitoring and recording of video footage in a specific area. It serves various purposes, including deterring crime, providing real-time surveillance, collecting evidence, managing safety risks, and allowing remote monitoring. With its ability to enhance security and provide peace of mind, a CCTV system is an essential tool for individuals, businesses, and communities alike.

We Install CCTV systems across New Zealand

Install a CCTV system to feel safer at home and know your home is safe when you’re not there. Cameras are the backbone of any home security system and can:

  • Deter opportunistic criminals 
  • Catch intruders in the act 
  • Provide evidence for police and insurers

We recommend and supply Dahua CCTV systems for home installation, as they offer exceptional value and performance in domestic settings. 

Dahua cameras offer Smart Motion Detection technology to virtually eliminate false alarms, and can be paired with an alarm system to provide a complete home security package.

The cost of a home CCTV system starts from $1000 for a package that includes supply, wire and installaton. Call us for an on-site consultation and a no-obligation quote.

When you’re at home

Check the indoor monitor to see who’s at the door, and unlock the door from another room using a mobile app. 

Check on the baby and see what the pets are doing, indoors or out. The touchscreen monitor has a built-in loudspeaker and supports two-way talk.

Detect intruders at night. Dahua’s Starlight IP cameras offer a coloured image at night and let you see more than your own eyes can, even in darkness.

When you’re away

Dahua’s active deterrence camera can actively warn off intruders with light and siren, alert you in real-time and provide visual verification with HDCVI video. 

Check that you closed the gate or the garage door, or let the plumber in by using a mobile app to unlock the door remotely. 

Use the two-way talk function to instruct a delivery person where to leave a parcel, or scare off potential home intruders by letting them know they’re being recorded and you’re calling the police.

Use recorded footage from high resolution cameras to help identify the perpetrators in the unfortunate event of a break-in.

Smart technology

Smart Motion Detection technology (SMD) uses advanced algorithms to differentiate the shape of humans and vehicles from pets, wind-blown debris and bright lights. An alarm will only be triggered and a notification sent when a person or vehicle is detected.

Storing your data on a cloud system provides added protection from data loss due to hacking or lack of hard drive space.

No power? No problem!

Dahua’s integrated off-grid security solution combines 4G network transmission technology with video surveillance and applies solar power technology for an effective off-grid monitoring system. It has been used to great effect to monitor roads in some of New Zealand’s rural communities, resulting in dramatic reductions of night-time traffic and crime.

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