Testing and Tagging

Safety should never be taken lightly. If you operate a commercial business, all your electrical devices, fittings and appliances need to be safe to use for anyone and regularly maintained. While testing and tagging is not mandatory, it is the best way to ensure that your equipment meets legal health and safety regulations.

Testing and tagging your appliances according to New Zealand standards can detect any faults and defects before they cause serious harm or injury. The most common accidents related to electrical equipment are electrical shocks, mechanical injuries and electrical fires. The recommended minimum timeframes for testing differ for each tool, machine and appliance, and each inspection should be carried out by a qualified, registered electrician that can also undertake any repairs that testing might reveal.

Based on the environment your business is situated in, testing and tagging intervals range from every 3 months to every 5 years. Tools and machinery used in the construction, building and demolition industry need to be serviced more regularly than equipment in schools, offices or server rooms due to their more frequent use and exposure to extreme weather conditions such as dampness and heat.

If you are hiring out electrical equipment, it also needs to be inspected prior to every single hire as well as being tested and tagged every 3 months. We can set up a maintenance schedule to keep your business running legal and your staff safe. We also recommend regularly checking plugs, tools and cords for visible damage and contact us as soon as possible to fix the problem.

At Revolve Electrical Solutions we have the knowledge and expertise to comply with New Zealand health and safety standards to ensure all your electrical equipment is operating safely. Call us today to discuss your electrical testing and tagging needs and to receive a free, no-obligation quote. We service Whangarei and the greater Northland area.

We’re The Best at Providing Testing and Tagging Services

If you own a commercial operation, you should never underestimate safety, especially if you frequently handle electrical appliances and devices. Testing and tagging offer you, your staff, and customers peace of mind that the equipment they’re using meets New Zealand’s health and safety regulations. While this process isn’t mandatory, following through means that a reliable electrician can detect potential faults before they flare up to cause damage or injury. Revolve Electrical Solutions is a reliable electrical contractor that conducts electrical testing near Whangarei.

Benefits of Test and Tag Near Whangarei

Whether you own a retail store, construction company, or an industrial operation, you employ multiple electronic types of equipment to perform specific tasks. For this reason, electrical tagging is crucial and can benefit your business in several ways.

  • Electrical safety policies exist to guard people working with electronics against serious harm. Neglecting to perform tagging and testing leaves your staff vulnerable to malfunctions. If the equipment broke down, you could face a fine for contravening health and safety regulations. Having a professional tag and test your devices avoids this scenario and protects your company’s profitability.
  • Every business requires some form of insurance to protect the operation from unforeseen circumstances. Recently, insurance companies have been including testing and tagging as compulsory before issuing a policy. The nature of your business will dictate whether it’s an essential requirement or not but embracing the process may result in lower premiums resulting in savings on operational capital.
  • Similar to regularly servicing your car, testing, and tagging your operational equipment makes your maintenance more efficient. When the electrician discovers a potential issue, you can address it immediately before it develops into a serious hurdle that requires a hefty financial investment. The product of engaging with a professional is electrical devices that perform optimally throughout their lifespan, eliminating downtime for your company.

What to Expect from Revolve Electrical Solutions Regarding Electrical Test and Tag

We’ve quickly developed a reputation for being a professional electrician in the area and are available to assist your business in becoming compliant with health and safety regulations.

  • Nobody wants to experience unfortunate accidents in the workplace, so testing and tagging are critical for companies using electrical equipment. While the standard timeframe between checks differs depending on your operation, we recommend that it ranges between every three months to every five years.
  • Machines in the construction sector undergo more work than electrical gear in schools and offices. Furthermore, their exposure to harsh weather conditions translates to a requirement for more frequent tagging and testing, which we can perform. There are no restrictions on the type of operation we can assist with this process.
  • If you hire out equipment to the public, we suggest testing and tagging after every three months. We’ll set up a maintenance schedule to inspect components such as plugs, tools, and cords for damage. As a result, your business remains operational, and you won’t forget about following this process.

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Testing and Tagging

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