Hot water heat pump

Get into hot water the environmentally friendly way

Electric water heating typically makes up the biggest part of a household power bill. Installing a heat pump can reduce your energy consumption while also ensuring you never run out of hot water.

A heat pump works like a fridge in reverse, extracting heat from the air and transferring it to the water. Because it only moves heat and doesn’t generate it as a traditional water heater does, it is incredibly energy efficient. A heat pump costs more to install but can save you up to 70% on your water heating bill.

Hot water heat pumps are ideal for heating domestic hot water, underfloor heating, and swimming pools. They are powered by electricity, either from the grid or your own solar energy system. Unlike solar systems, hot water heat pumps work at all times of the day or night, in all weather conditions.

Their energy efficiency, combined with ozone safe refrigerants, make hot water heat pumps one of the most environmentally friendly sources of heating available.

We specialise in Stiebel Eltron hot water heat pumps because they are top quality, well-engineered and extremely energy efficient. They can be installed indoors and outdoors and work even in lower temperatures.

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